Online Medical Billing Courses

     While our ebooks have helped many medical billers over the years, there was still a need for a comprehensive medical billing course that covered the things a medical biller needed to know. While our books helped with a variety of topics that a medical biller or a medical billing service runs into, we didn’t have a place for the person who wanted to get into this field to go. With the help of Merry Schiff we developed a complete course to teach the student the medical billing field. The thing that makes our course different than the average course is that we know from our 20 years of owning a medical billing service what the biller needs to know to succeed in this business. Many classes offer information on anatomy, intricate coding, how Medicare was developed and various other topics that are of little or no use in the billing field.

     In 20 years we have hired and trained many people and we know how people learn and what they need to learn. Our courses concentrate on the information required to make a biller successful in this field. We offer personalized support by phone and email throughout the course and beyond with our free medical billing forum. Check out our medical billing courses.

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