Marketing Tip #4 Bill for a Specific Specialty

Choose a specialty that you may be familiar with and target that particular specialty with your marketing efforts.  For example, if you previously did the billing for an orthopedic doctor, target your marketing toward other orthopedic doctors.  Staying within a specialty will make things much easier for you as you get started.  If you are looking for a relatively easy field to enter, look into mental health billing.  There are very few codes to learn, patients return regularly cutting down on data entry of new patients with each visit, and you learn the little issues for that particular specialty.

Marketing Tip #3 Set Goals for Marketing

Set written marketing goals and keep track of the results for the best results in marketing.  You will find that often you will go back to your notes to find out what happened with your marketing efforts.  You will find your results much more successful with written goals and results.

Marketing Tip #2 Use Techniques That Fit Your Personality

Use marketing techniques that fit your personality.  Many people who enter this business tend to be introverts.  It is very difficult for this type of person to go out and sell themselves to a doctor.  They find it intimidating to walk into an office and start a conversation with the office manager.  This type of person needs to either find a non-confrontational marketing method or they need to learn to get over their shyness and conquer their fears.  People who are naturally sales people have no trouble approaching strangers and asking for their business.  So the marketing techniques they use will probably involve finding ways to get in the doctor’s face to tell him/her how they can benefit the provider.  The shy person will need to be a little more creative and find ways that are comfortable to them.  If the shy person sets goals of approaching 10 offices this week to try to sign them up, he or she may have a hard time even getting started.  She/he needs to set goals that they will be able to meet comfortably.

Medical Billing Marketing Tips #1

Medical billing can be a great field to get into.  It is flexible, profitable and can be done at home or in an office.  Many people today would love to start a business in their homes and medical billing can be a great choice.  It does require knowledge and a little money to invest in a practice management system.   The next thing this business requires is clients and that takes marketing.  So Tip #1 is

When starting a medical billing business your first job is looking for clients.  You have to learn successful marketing techniques to attract clients.  People often get caught up in buying office furniture or shopping in the office supply store for things for the office, but your full time job at this time should be marketing.  There are many different marketing strategies to use but each of us needs to find the ones that work for their own personality.

Marketing Your Medical Billing Business

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Marketing your medical billing business is crucial to getting your business up and running.  Getting clients can be the hardest part of running a medical billing business.  We have been helping others to not only learn the field of medical billing but how to find clients once they get their businesses started.  We offer 15 ebooks on medical billing and have written 10 online courses on medical billing.  We also offer a free medical billing forum where anyone can read about the years of experience of others and post their own questions.  We have several moderators who visit the forum every day to answer questions.